Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set

Experience the combined power of Universal Cleaner and Grout Hydrophobe. This duo offers a comprehensive cleaning and protection solution for diverse surfaces. Beyond just cleaning, it ensures lasting protection, revolutionizing the way you maintain your tiled surfaces.
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano Protection
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano
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NANO CLEANING AND PROTECTION SETPresentation of the Pack:The Universal Cleaner combined with the Joint Water Repellent makes up a powerful cleaning and protection solution for various surfaces. The Universal Cleaner ideally prepares surfaces for treatment with Water Repellent Joints. This combination not only ensures a clean surface but also long-lasting...
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Product Specifications

Product Name: Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set

Primary Application: Comprehensive cleaning and protection for tile grout surfaces in various settings.

Protection: Guards against dirt, spills, and the wear and tear of daily life, ensuring grout remains pristine.

Coverage: Suitable for a wide range of tiled surfaces, from bathroom walls to kitchen floors.

Eco-Friendly: Formulated with environmentally-friendly ingredients, prioritizing both performance and planet.

Maintenance: Simplifies the cleaning routine, reducing the frequency and effort required for grout upkeep.

Durability: Ensures long-lasting protection, keeping grout clean and protected for extended periods.

Versatility: Crafted for various tile types and grout colors, ensuring flexibility in application.

How to Use

Surface Preparation: Before application, ensure that the grout is clean, dry, and free from any dirt, grease, or residues. Apply the Universal 

Cleaner: Spray approximately 10-20ml of Universal Cleaner per square meter on the surface. Let it act briefly, then rinse with a water-saturated cloth or rinse thoroughly if possible. Dry the surface. 

Apply the Grout Hydrophobe: Ensure the grout is clean and dry. Shake the product well. Using a brush, apply Grout Hydrophobe evenly across the grout lines until saturated. Wipe off any excess product from the tiles with a cloth. 

Allow to Dry: Let the treated grout lines dry thoroughly for 24 hours. Avoid touching or stepping on the treated areas during this time. 

Maintenance: To maintain the protection, clean the treated grout lines regularly using a soft cloth. If you notice the protective effects diminishing, reapply the Grout Hydrophobe as needed. 

Safety: Always wear gloves during application. Ensure good ventilation in the working area. Store the products out of reach of children and pets. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Always conduct a patch test on a small area before full application.

Why Opt for Our Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set?

Transform Your Surface Maintenance

Peace of Mind with Every Application

Envision a space where your tiled surfaces remain immaculate, where cleaning is no longer a chore, and where protection is assured. That's the tranquility our Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set promises.

Inside the Set

More Than Just Cleaners

Better together

Easy to use and almost immediate impact

“I never knew my tiles could look this good! The protection is just the cherry on top.”


- Minneapolis, MN

Impressed with this Air Purifier!

“The difference is clear! My shower doors have never looked better. No more scrubbing for hours.”


- Pasadena, CA

Sleek Design

“inally, a product that delivers on its promise. My bathroom mirrors and windows are streak-free and shiny.”

Rob DeCola

- Michigan

Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano Protection
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano
Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set - Nano

asked questions

How often should I use the Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set?

For best results, we recommend using the set once every three months. However, frequency might vary based on the area's usage and exposure to contaminants.

Is it safe for all types of tiles?

Yes, our set is designed for various surfaces. However, always test a small inconspicuous area first.

Can I use the product on surfaces other than tiles?

While optimized for tiles, it can be used on other surfaces. Always conduct a patch test first.

How long does the protection last?

The protective layer can last up to three months or more, depending on the surface's usage and exposure.


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