NanoProtection Textile & Leather

Experience the marvel of nanotechnology with NanoProtection Textile & Leather. Crafted to shield a vast array of textiles from water, dirt, stains, and various contaminations, it remains perfectly invisible. The coating, enriched with nanoparticles, envelopes every fiber, ensuring the material's appearance, breathability, color, and texture remain unaltered.
Textile & Leather - Nano Protection
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano
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Présentation, Données techniques et mode d'emploiDescription du produit : Nano Textile & Le cuir est un produit basé sur la nanotechnologie conçu pour protéger presque tous les types de textiles de l'eau, de la saleté, des taches et contaminations diverses, tout en étant parfaitement invisible. Le revêtement encapsule toutes les fibres...
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Product Specifications

Product Name: NanoProtection Textile & Leather Primary 

Application: Comprehensive protection for various textiles and leather items against water, dirt, stains, and other contaminations.

Protection: Provides an invisible shield that encapsulates fibers, guarding against common stains and spills.

Coverage: Suitable for a wide range of textiles, from clothing and home textiles to leather products and even paper/cardboard.

Eco-Friendly: Formulated to be environmentally friendly, ensuring safety for both users and the planet.

Maintenance: Reduces the need for frequent cleaning, ensuring textiles remain pristine with minimal effort.

Durability: Offers long-lasting protection, with effects lasting several years under normal conditions.

Versatility: Ideal for various applications, from clothing and shoes to home textiles and leather accessories.

How to Use

Surface Preparation: Before application, ensure that the textile or leather item is clean, dry, and free from any dirt, grease, or residues. For optimal results, the textile should be perfectly clean. If possible, perform a machine wash with clear water to eliminate detergent residues.

Apply the Protector: Shake well before use. Spray NanoProtection Textile & Leather evenly directly onto the surface until saturation. For smooth or low-absorbent surfaces like leather, avoid excessive application and wipe away any surplus with a cloth.

Allow to Dry: Let the textile or leather item dry thoroughly. Avoid touching or using the item for a few hours to ensure the protector sets in properly.

Maintenance: To maintain the protection, clean the treated surfaces regularly using a soft cloth. If you notice the protective effects diminishing, especially after 30 to 40 machine washes, reapply the protector as needed.

Safety: Although the product is formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, always store it out of reach of children and pets. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Store in a place between +5°C and +25°C, away from solar radiation.

Why Choose NanoProtection Textile & Leather?

Elevate Your Textile and Leather Care

Preserve the Elegance of Your Textiles and Leather

Imagine a world where your favorite clothes, shoes, and leather accessories remain untarnished, where stains and spills are no longer a concern, and where the beauty of your items endures. That's the assurance NanoProtection Textile & Leather offers.

Dive into the Science of NanoProtection

More Than Just a Protective Spray

Better together

Easy to use and almost immediate impact

“I was initially doubtful, but after trying, I'm completely convinced! My textiles have never felt so protected.”


- Minneapolis, MN

Impressed with this Air Purifier!

“The difference is clear! My shower doors have never looked better. No more scrubbing for hours.”


- Pasadena, CA

Sleek Design

“inally, a product that delivers on its promise. My bathroom mirrors and windows are streak-free and shiny.”

Rob DeCola

- Michigan

Textile & Leather - Nano Protection
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano
Textile & Leather Protector- Nano

asked questions

How often should I reapply NanoProtection Textile & Leather?

The treatment remains active for several years under normal use and abrasion conditions. However, it can withstand 30 to 40 machine washes for consumer products.

Is the product safe for all types of textiles and leather?

Yes, it's designed to protect a wide range of textiles, from clothing to home textiles, and various leather products.

Can I use the product on food-contact items?

Yes, NanoProtection Textile & Leather is compatible with food contact, making it safe for items that might come in contact with food.

How does NanoProtection compare to other products on the market?

NanoProtection stands out due to its UV stability, resistance to abrasion, and resilience against washing agents. Many competing products lack these features.


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Téléphone : 1-866-472-5296

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