Nano Protection

Stop Buée- Visière, Lunette- Miroir et Vitre

Stop Buée- Visière, Lunette- Miroir et Vitre

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Product Description

NanoProtection Anti-Fog is a nanotechnology-based product. It is a (semi-permanent) anti-fog cleaner that prevents fogging on ski goggles, helmet visors, and more. The treatment also has anti-static properties that repel the appearance of dust.

Example Uses

This product is ideal for the following uses: Ski goggles, Prescription glasses, Helmet visors (for activities such as hockey or snowmobiling), Windows, Mirrors. It features characteristics such as no change in appearance after application, very strong anti-fog properties, and semi-permanence.

Application Conditions

The application conditions are simple. Apply it as a mist and, if possible, shake to aid drying or use a dryer to remove excess treatment. Apply the product at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Do not apply it in direct sunlight. In case of temperatures exceeding 30°C, apply it to small areas. Do not apply it below 0°C. The treatment should be applied at normal temperature and air humidity. Contact with water and/or pollution on the treated surface may compromise the quality of the treatment. The anti-fog effect will appear after 15 minutes of drying. Use approximately 5-10 mL/m² for manual application. This is a booster treatment that will last approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Do not rub the surface as the treatment is sensitive to abrasion.

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