All-purpose Nano treatment set for glass and ceramics


All-purpose Nano treatment set for glass and ceramics

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Anti-limescale protection for glass, window, mirror. ceramics and more!

Treated surfaces simply clean with water!

Farewell chemical product for 1 year | twelve months



All-purpose protector – Glass and Ceramics

Technical data sheet

The package includes the following products:

  • 1 bottle of cleanser Universal
  • 1 bottle of all-purpose Nano treatment product
  • 1 Nano-Magic sponge to apply cleanser
  • enough applicatorsto apply the nano product
  • 1 pair recycled rubber glove

Product characteristics: anti-fouling treatment for glass and ceramics

Category Residential int & ext,
Use Glass, mirror and ceramics
Pre-cleaning of the surface Yes, pre-clean the surface with the glass and ceramic cleaner.
Drying time one hour.
Package (s) available 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml.
Amount of use 10 to 15 ml/m² (10.76 ft ²)
Duration of action 1 year old | twelve months

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This innovative treatment allows the application of water-repellent and anti-limescale protection on treated areas to clean glass, ceramics and other delicate materials much more easily.


All protection treatments are nanotechnologies. When applying the All-Use Protector treatment to the surface, a totally invisible, hydrophobic and non-stick protective film is created. The hydrophobic and anticalcariae properties of the coating reduce the adhesion of impurities and water droplets, greatly facilitating surface cleaning: it is the “easy to clean” effect.

Instructions for use

1. clean the surface with glass and ceramic cleaner that eliminates all traces of pollution, fat, and leftover maintenance products. It is also the only cleaner that allows surface treatment. As such, we advise you to use the sanitary Kit (which additionally contains a product to remove traces of stubborn limestone).

2. Apply the treatment: spray the all-purpose protector treatment evenly on the surface or using a soft cloth and even paper towel, spread the product with circular motions, then polish the surface with another clean cloth until there is no more veil (the largest), in order to remove the excess product.

The hydrophobic effect can be tested after 30 minutes (pouring water, it must beading).

Use surfaces

  • bath
  • Washbasins
  • tiles
  • Mirrors
  • glass
  • Shower walls and trays, etc.

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The surface itself cleans very easily with water. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary.

Duration of action

The treatment is active for a maximum lifespan under normal use and abrasion conditions and without the use of aggressive products to clean treated surfaces. For example, the treatment can last for ten years on a shower wall.

Benefits of All-Purpose Protector

  • Antirust/anti-dirt effect: the latter can no longer be embedded and dissipate and are cleaned very easily.
  • Reduces traces of water and limestone by 90%
  • Easy to maintain your shower wall or toilet.
  • The surface simply cleans with water.
  • Reduce the use of maintenance products:-90%
  • Reduce cleaning frequencies

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