Protector Body Protect Set

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This set includes all products and accessories for the Body Protect protector.

The set is available in several formats




Product Features: Body Protect – Body Treatment for All Vehicles

The package includes the following products:

  • Universal Cleaner
  • Body Protect Protector
  • Cloth (s) to polish (for the application of treatments) and sponges.
  • 1 pair recycled rubber glove

Body Protect Protector –Technical Sheet

Product Features: Protector Body Protect – Body Treatment of All Vehicles

Category Auto-motorcycle-boat
Use All plastic surfaces, resin, aluminum, chrome or stainless steel, any type of body, rims, glass, trailer or boat coatings.
Pre-cleaning the surface Pre-clean the surface with the body cleaner.
Drying time 1 to 2 minutes
Package (s) available 100 ml (motorcycle), 250 ml and 500 ml.
Amount of use Between 5 to 10 ml/square meter (10.76 square feet) per layer.
conservation Keep between 8c and 25C away from the sun.
Color Colorless.
Duration of action From 1 to 3 years

It should be noted that for optimal results, we recommend that you buy the full BodyProtect set.

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Description:BodyProtect Treatment is an environmentally friendly product designed to make surfaces non-stick to water and dirt to make cleaning without the use of polluting chemicals. After treatment (2 to 3 layers), water and dirt tend to bead and self-clean under the effect of wind or natural rain. It is essential to disinfect the surface before applying this product and thereafter, it is strongly advised to clean with our versatile cleanser to optimize the adhesion of the treatment on the above surfaces above. In addition, it is the only cleaning product with the necessary properties to revitalize the NanoPro Treatment to prolong the desired self-cleaning surfing effects.

How to use: (do not treat: in full sun, below 7 degrees Celsius or above 30 degrees Celsius, or when the surface has just been exposed to cold or heat. Allow the temperature to stabilize)


  2. After decontamination (disinfected) and cleaning the surfaces to be treated with the versatile cleaner, spray BodyProtect simultaneously on the surface to be cleaned and on a clean cloth.
  3. Using a clean cloth, apply carefully in circular motions. Leave on for 1-2 minutes.
  4. When dry, make the residual traces disappear by wiping until a perfectly clean surface is clear and without a wiping veil.
  5. Repeat the floor another time for optimal results (do not exceed three layers.
  6. Complete drying time is 60 minutes. Do not expose to dirt for 24 hours.
  7. Post-treatment interview. Use as little conventional soap as possible that may be too chemical, as the abrasion of the product could be altered in the long term. Rinse well to completely remove dirt and wash (decontaminate) with our versatile (advised) cleaner or other eco-friendly product with neutral pH.

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The treated surface is easily cleaned with water. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary.

Benefits of Protector Body Protect

  • Important Hydrophobia: allows a very good flow of water
  • Effectively protects against damage from washing brushes, environmental aggressions, UV and snow removal salt
  • High-quality, long-lasting shine
  • Anti-adherent properties
  • Resistant to UV, abrasion and almost any household or industrial cleaners (except concentrated laundry).
  • Easier cleaning, simply with clear water



Keep out of children’s reach. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with large, clean water and consult a specialist. If swallowed, consult a doctor and show him this label. For more information or help, call your province’s Poison Control Center (e.g. Ontario 1-800-268-9017).

Dangerous Class 3 product, easily flammable and irritating to the eyes and skin.

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