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Why Use Protective Treatments in the Bathroom?

Why Use Protective Treatments in the Bathroom?

Nano-coatings keep surfaces clean for a longer period, promoting self-cleaning properties. New products from nanotechnologies allow the application of a durable and efficient protective layer. Invisible multi-functional anti-adhesive treatments are the perfect solution for protecting and maintaining your bathroom surfaces. They're highly effective in preventing soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries from sticking to surfaces, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Do you want to keep your shower free from dirt caused by soap or limescale?

Besides their practical utility, these treatments are also scratch-resistant and durable over time. They are perfect for use on a wide range of surfaces, including faucets, mirrors, bathtubs, and showers. By using these treatments, you can save time and effort when cleaning your bathroom surfaces, while extending the lifespan of your fixtures. Moreover, these treatments are entirely invisible once applied, meaning they do not change the appearance of your surfaces.

It Beads and Shines – Nano Coating in the Shower

Nano-coating can also add monetary value in domestic daily life, especially where adhering water causes dirt and lime spots. In the sanitary area, particularly in showers, nano-coating allows water splashes and dirty water to bead up on tiles, shower trays, and plastic or glass doors due to the lotus effect of the nano-coating, and limescale doesn't get a chance to set and leave unsightly limescale marks. With the nano-coating in a shower, a brief rinse is enough to make this sanitary area look freshly cleaned.

In summary, invisible multi-functional anti-adhesive treatments are a practical and long-lasting solution for bathroom protection and more. Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about these products and how they can help you keep your bathroom clean and well-maintained. This particular effect was named after the lotus flower, whose flowers remain pure and pristine even when the plant grows in mud. Scientists became interested in this unique ability and thus discovered the "lotus effect" or beading effect: a surface that seems so non-porous that nothing can stick to it.


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