Revolutionary Protector: From Good to Extraordinary! - Nano Protection

Revolutionary Protector: From Good to Extraordinary!

The Shield

Sealers protect against UV rays at a molecular level. A three-dimensional crystalline network allows water to bead due to lower surface tension. The protection is maintained over the entire paint when using a pH-neutral cleaner. Typically, the end-user must have their car sealed. We also offer consumer products of ceramic coatings.


Nano" (from Greek: dwarf) is a billionth of a meter. Ultra-thin coatings prevent limescale formation in the bathroom, like on shower cabins (as seen in nano-sealing), or simply make wine bead on cushions and t-shirts. Nano-sealings do not influence UV rays – the wood undergoes its characteristic aging as desired but remains free of molds and mosses.

Impregnation Spray

In the past, waterproofing clothes or shoes was always at nature's expense. The perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals in impregnation spray polluted the environment. However, we have a sustainable ecological solution effective in all weathers. Sprayed from a 30-centimeter distance, our waterproofing spray technology reliably works after drying and is suitable for all outdoor textiles and shoes. Gore Tex and Sympatex membranes can be re-impregnated as the effect wears off.

 Why Choose Nano Protection

  • Scratch Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Easy to Use
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Perfect Finish

Our supplier is at the forefront of technology, initially focusing on silicon dioxide (SiO2) technology by developing innovations primarily based on silane, polysilazane, and polysiloxane. However, their expertise has significantly broadened over the years, successfully incorporating other materials like paraffins, hyperbranched polymers (dendrimers), and hybrid materials. By combining these, they have managed to eliminate the weaknesses and enhance the strengths of their final products. The magic of their technology continues to amaze, even those familiar with the processes involved.



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