Making Water the Only Cleaning Product You Need - Nano Protection

Making Water the Only Cleaning Product You Need

Nano Protection treatments shield surfaces by granting them anti-adhesive properties that simplify cleaning, which can be accomplished using only clear water without any harsh chemicals. These treatments are suitable for 95% of surfaces and allow materials to breathe. It's a shield you won't be able to resist!

Treatments for Interior and Exterior Maintenance of Your Home!

NANOPROTECTION applies to surfaces like glass, stainless steel, and ceramic, ensuring enhanced protection. It can even shield clothing from coffee and wine stains. The complete range of treatments includes water-repellent, fog-resistant, stain-removal, and gel solutions for a variety of surfaces like glass, ceramic, chrome/stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

 Waterproof and Protect Sports and Outdoor Equipment

Equipment, clothing, and accessories (including boots and leather jackets)... Some materials are delicate and can be challenging to clean. Applying the leather & textile treatment will keep them looking as dazzling as they were on day one, making it the magical protective treatment for all textiles, no matter your sport.

Protection Treatments for Vehicles

NANOPROTECTION also provides a range of indispensable water-repellent treatments derived from nanotechnology for maintaining and protecting your road or recreational vehicles: cars, snowmobiles, trucks, boats, ATVs, RVs, etc. From the AQUA PERLE window treatment to the bodywork decontaminating cleaner, the Nano ceramic paint protection, and the stain remover, all our treatments are essential for pampering your vehicle.Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

  • No need for cleaning products anymore!
  • Protects against coffee, wine, and sauce stains
  • Impregnates and protects fibers
  • Water and oil are repelled due to its water and oil-repellent effect
  • Allows materials to breathe
  • Does not alter the appearance of surfaces
  • Offers an eco-friendly choice (water-based product)


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