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How to Make Windows Self-Cleaning

Self-Cleaning Windows: The Nanotechnology Revolution for Impeccable Windows

Dreaming of always impeccable exterior windows without streaks or cleaning hassles? Look no further! Our revolutionary protection set, based on nanotechnologies, turns this vision into reality. Discover how you can say goodbye to tedious cleaning chores with our self-cleaning windows.

Advantages of Self-Cleaning Windows

Imagine being able to clean your windows without leaving annoying streaks. Our innovative set, 100% based on nanotechnologies, is designed to remove all soap and chemical residues from your exterior glass surfaces. Thanks to a special treatment, an invisible, hydrophobic, and anti-adhesive protection is formed, making cleaning easier than ever.

The Lotus Effect for Impeccable Windows

Let the rain do the work! With our set, dirt can no longer embed in the window and can be effortlessly collected with a simple damp soft cloth. You’ll notice an immense water-repellent effect immediately after application. Moreover, this protection has an impressive 5-year duration without needing additional maintenance products.

Versatility Suited to Your Needs

Our set is available in various formats tailored to your specific needs. It is suitable for many exterior glass surfaces, whether for your home, business, car, veranda, or even your glass fence.

Complete Kit for Impeccable Windows

The set includes essential products for complete protection and maintenance. First, our pre-cleaner for glass surfaces, the Glass & Ceramic Cleaner, efficiently prepares your windows before the application of the self-cleaning treatment. Then, our revolutionary Self-Cleaning Windows formula offers durable and invisible protection that significantly eases future cleaning.

Ideal for All Vehicles Including AQUA PERLE

Our exterior window protection set is also ideal for car, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle windows, providing clear visibility wherever you go.


Give your windows advanced protection and say goodbye to the hassle of tedious cleaning. Order our set now and discover the ease of always impeccable windows. Your satisfaction is our priority. Nanofier® offers the simplicity of making your windows self-cleaning through cutting-edge technology. Stop wasting time fighting against streaks and dirt on your windows. Opt for the self-cleaning windows revolution and enjoy clarity and cleanliness for years to come.



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