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How Do Nanoshields Allow Your Surfaces to Breathe While Protecting Them?

Nanoshields are revolutionary nanotechnological coatings that offer optimal protection while allowing materials to breathe. Their “breathable” feature is one of their key characteristics, making them especially suitable for surfaces that require moisture regulation, such as wood, leather, or certain textiles. In this article, we'll explore in detail how nanoshields work and the advantages they offer.

Nanoshields: A Protective Barrier at the Nanometric Scale

Nanoshields are designed to create an imperceptible barrier at the nanometric scale on surfaces. This barrier acts like a thin protective layer that guards against scratches, impacts, and external aggressions while allowing moisture and air to diffuse. This property allows materials to "breathe," preventing issues related to trapped moisture or condensation.

Preventing Long-Term Damage

By letting materials breathe, nanoshields help prevent long-term damage like mold, discoloration, or material degradation. Trapped moisture can promote mold growth and cause health problems and aesthetic damage. With their ability to allow air circulation and promote moisture diffusion, nanoshields help maintain healthy surfaces and preserve their integrity.

Additional Advantages of Nanoshields

Besides their breathability, nanoshields offer other significant benefits. They are UV-resistant, protecting surfaces from harmful effects of the sun like fading and tarnishing. Furthermore, they provide protection against chemicals, stains, and abrasion, enhancing the durability of treated surfaces.

Transparency and Preservation of Original Appearance

One great advantage of nanoshields is their transparent application. Unlike other protective coatings that might alter the original appearance or texture of surfaces, nanoshields are virtually invisible once applied. This helps preserve the aesthetic of materials while efficiently protecting them.


Nanoshields represent a major innovation in the field of protective coatings. Their ability to let materials breathe while offering protection against scratches, impacts, and external aggressions makes them an attractive option for various applications. Besides preventing moisture-related issues, they enhance surface durability, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. With their transparent application, nanoshields preserve the original appearance of treated surfaces, making them a solution worth considering for ensuring the protection and longevity of your surfaces while allowing them to breathe.


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