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Durable Impregnation!

Here’s what our durable impregnation for convertibles does.

Fabrics have an enemy: moisture! Whether a wet and taut convertible top dries in the sun or is stored in a roof box, moisture always has a very destructive effect on non-impregnated fabrics. Impregnation ensures that water does not penetrate textile fabric, but instead beads off the outside. This is particularly useful for convertible tops. It ensures that they retain their function and significantly prolongs their service life.

The vitrification of a convertible top largely contributes to its impermeability and longevity. Thanks to innovative means, we have not only been able to develop an environmentally neutral product, but we have also succeeded in significantly increasing the durability of the impregnation of convertible tops. The new impregnation solution for convertible tops has also been significantly improved in terms of efficiency and durability.

The high quality of Nano Protection impregnation ensures effective protection of convertible tops against moisture and weather conditions while prolonging their service life. Waterproofing ensures that water does not penetrate textile fabric, but instead beads off the outside. This is particularly useful for convertible tops, which are subject to difficult weather conditions.


Your benefits with our impregnation for convertibles

Long-term protection against moisture penetration: The Nano Protection product is applied in the form of a thin film on the textile surface of a convertible top. It permanently prevents water or oil from seeping in. Even microfine dust can no longer penetrate and have an abrasive effect on the fibers. It stays on the roof and is washed away by the next rain.

Self-cleaning properties: The impregnation film creates a micro-rough surface. This results in a lotus effect that prevents dust particles from penetrating the fabric. They are washed away by each rain. The convertible top is thus self-cleaning at all times.

Ecologically impeccable use: The brand-new waterproofing spray is ecologically impeccable and poses no health risks. The now banned fluorinated compounds have been replaced with simple silica. This natural substance is very similar to normal quartz sand and no longer poses any threat to health or the environment.


The innovative impregnation process for Nano Protection convertible tops

First, it is important to thoroughly clean the convertible top using a special cleaning foam for canvas tops and a brush, and then rinse with clear water.

Next, to apply the impregnation, the car must be placed in the sun with the top closed so that the top dries quickly. Then, the convertible should be moved to the shade to avoid the impregnation product from being soiled by birds or other influences. The ideal place for impregnation is a garage, underground parking, or car wash station.

The impregnation can be applied using a sponge or by completely spraying the top with Nano Protection convertible top impregnation. It is recommended to let the impregnation dry in the shade and to repeat the process 2 to 3 times for better protection.

Once applied, the innovative Nano Protection impregnation offers long-term protection against moisture penetration, thanks to a shield in the form of a thin film on the textile surface of the top. It also prevents microfine dust from penetrating and having an abrasive effect on the fibers by creating a micro-rough surface that creates a lotus effect, allowing dust particles to be washed away by each rain. In addition, the use of natural silica for this impregnation makes it ecologically impeccable and safe to use.

P.S. In addition to convertibles, Nano Protection impregnation can also be used for other areas of application, such as awnings…


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